Web Design


Providing web presence to local biz since 1996!

In today’s world, you need a website to survive, plain and simple. We understand this! And we certainly want to make this available to any and all businesses who are either just starting in this endeavor or need to revamp the look and feel of their online marketing. Maine Internet Solutions can provide that web presence in a painless process while maintaining your business branding with a clean look.  Since 1996, we’ve been giving local businesses a solution, and we look forward to working with you!

A solution for everyone

Maine Internet Solutions builds and supports custom websites with Adobe products such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop. What we’re able to do for our customers is recommend the right solution for what kind of content to include in a website and how to properly maintain branding. Today, branding is vital. We understand this! We will work very hard to give you a professional looking site that maintains your brand and supports the product you are trying to sell, your name.

Start from scratch? Redesign current? You got it.

Ready when you are, let’s take your business to the next level with a professional website solution. Give us a call at 207-522-6121 today for a FREE discussion on what the best solution for YOU is.

Why Maine Internet Solutions?


  • We get it. We work very hard to understand what your needs are right away, and then we work with you.

  • Simplicity is key. Our main focus in development is How can we make the website extremely easy to navigate and understand for the customer. Because our sites are simple, they are very affordable yet clean, fresh, and professional.

  • We are local in Maine! This is important because we have local reps that can even be at your door the day you need us. Our entire team carries smart phones and can be available to talk right away, or even answer your email immediately.


Domain Hosting


Register and Maintain Your URL With Ease


No worries when you let Maine Internet Solutions handle your domain hosting. MIS offers domain registration and hosting services which allows you to work with one company from start to finish. We manage it so that every year your website will be healthy and never go down.


Graphic Design


Logos. Banners. Everything Custom.


Coming up with original branding is nothing short of a headache most times, especially when creativite type thinking is not necessarily your strong suit or what you're used to spending your time on. That's where we come in.

Maine Internet Solutions will work with you as you develop a web presence to either work with an existing company logo or start completely from scratch and develop a brand new concept that can drive your company to new heights. We are firm believers in branding and visual marketing as being some of the most important pieces of getting a business off the ground and firmly established.

What we can do for you is listen to your ideas, develop a variety of concepts, and let you choose which one you feel works the best for you. We have resources to have signs or banners printed, so as far as getting you on your feet and keeping you there you can count on us!

Social Media Marketing


Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Everything Custom.


Today, nothing helps your chance of being found on the internet more than Free Social Media. Using sites like Facebook and YouTube, we can give you a social presence like no other. Everything is custom developed to make your entire presence look legitimate and pronounced.

Not only will we develop your design, but our specialist will talk with you about what steps you can personally take to grow your social following and how to turn "likes", "followers", and "views" into dollars and cents.

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